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The Story of Purdie's



My family is my chosen career in life. We have four amazing children, our oldest being twenty eight and the youngest only twelve. We, like so many families today believe passionately in living as healthy and as wholesome as possible. We live on the West coast of Scotland on the Cowal Peninsula, Argyll, which is very rural and very beautiful. We are very lucky I hear you say; well probably more than you think!

Ever had your life turned upside down in just a few seconds? That’s what happened to us, literally. That was the scene we found ourselves in after a horrific car crash whilst taking our youngest two children to school one morning. One minute laughing and singing: the next the steely sound of the engine still roaring as we were held up only by a tree. Just like that my husband sustained two broken bones in his neck and the quality of his life hung in the balance.

Our community, everyday supplied fresh cooked meals for many months after the crash, allowing me the time to cover the 120 mile round trip visit to him in hospital. They left food, soup, flowers and even pheasants at our door. I never had to worry about the kids, as not only did they look after them but loved them as well. After being told my husband would never walk again as it was impossible, he in time defied all the odds and he did walk out!

After twenty four years in the Royal Navy he was retired due to his disabilities and we found ourselves with our income cut by two thirds. To continue to live here is the whole reason we work every day from early till night. You see many people don’t have the good fortune we have. We know that to leave this community would be a wrench, not just for us but for our children. Here kids all still play shinty and the old game of whist, everyone knows everyone, the boys do highland dancing just as well as the girls, the men can still hand sweets in for the kids and everyone shares grannies. The girls still say “morning ladies” to the heifers in the field as they go to school and the sheep roam all over the street. Who on earth would ever want to leave all this.

So as you can see Purdie's isn't a business venture, a get rich quick scheme, its about doing something we love in a day, to be at the place we love. Purdie's is a way of life. All our products are natural and pure organic where possible, all our packaging is recyclable and most of all the combinations we use are not just our recipes but those of years of wisdom past down generations to farmers, gardeners, grannies and great-grannies. Our recipes don’t just smell nice, or even just sound pretty, they actually work. They clean, most have healing combinations, they have anti-fungal properties. It’s the way things used to be before we were told how to think what sits nice on a label in a supermarket!.

 To all of you, from all of us at Purdie's of Argyll  - Thank you and Happy Shopping!

Denice Purdie
Managing Director